I am not breeding Goldendoodles this year.



Will accept deposits after puppies are born.


Goldendoodles were originally bred for therapy dogs for people with allergies.  They have the loving temperament and desire to please of the golden retriever, and the intelligence and insight into your mood of the poodle. Since they do not shed like a golden retriever they are better suited to those with allergies.  The disposition of the puppy's I have bred are amazing.  I have Chief from the summer 2006 litter, you can come and meet him, take him for a walk, see for yourself.


 The photo on the right is of  Barkley, an adult Golden Doodle-owned by Toni Steffen and Bred at Timshell Farms.

My puppies are cream with gold.  Fluffy, gorgeous and cute.  Their hair continues to grow as they do, and by 1 year they have huge hair.  Some have huge loose curls and look cuter than cute, some have finer fluffy hair, and are beautiful.                       

Coat Types
Soft curl, medium curls, or the wavy/shaggy look!


The Golden doodle gets its name from it's mixed heritage - golden retriever and poodle.  My  Golden doodles are a  first generation cross. the first cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier and grows better than either parent line.  The puppies take on the best traits of both breeds.


  In his book "The Intelligence of Dogs" Stanley Coren ranks 79 dog breeds in order of intelligence.  Poodles scored 2nd and Golden Retrievers were 4th.  

The hybrid cross between the poodle and the golden retriever make terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train. Awesome for Therapy Dogs. 

Many poodle crosses inherit the fur qualities of the poodle, but not the texture. They tend to have loose big curls or wavy sheep dog hair. Most don't shed, or shed lightly, and may not produce an allergic reaction.

Golden Retrievers as well as standard poodles are hunting dogs and water dogs.  They have active minds and active bodies.  They are at their best when allowed room to run & play. I hide biscuits for mine when he is not in the room, then tell him to find them. He loves the game, loves the thinking and gets a reward.  
For more information about the goldendoodle breed you can go to the website:  She has done a lot of research about the breed and has a lot of information to share with you.
Litter Born November 2010
Labradoodles, with a hint of Goldendoodle for extra fluffyness.
Mom Black Standard Poodle, 
 Dad 1/2 lab, 1/2 goldendoodle cross.
6 months old   $300.00
Molly                                                                                              Maggie


Last litter of pups from Oct 2009
Delilah is Sold                                     
Olive is sold
4 weeks                                           6 weeks
Joy is Sold
          3 Girls, petite, cute, sweet, 
Sebastian is Sold
Samson is Sold
     4 weeks                                              6 weeks        
  Rocky is Sold                                             
              One extra large male, reddish color, longer hair, one white, and one cream.  



Name: OSO   (5 years old) Bred at Sensational Companions, Owned by Heidi 

Palmer.  OSO's parents are from champion bloodlines, with certified clear eyes and hips. Bred for size and temperament. Very smart, loves to please, affectionate.  80+ pounds.



Name:  Studly  (5 years old) Smaller Standard Poodle, 60lbs.  Very Sweet disposition. Likes to lay his head against your leg and cuddle. Very smart. 

Vet approved Hips, beautiful eyes, no staining.  AKC Parents  

Has super soft hair.




. All dogs have exceptional soft hair coats, less wiry, making them suitable for classic poodle cuts as well as doodle cuts. 


MOM- Name: Sadie  (5 years old)  bred at Cedar Grove Kennels. Parents have some champion bloodlines, bred for boxy head, temperament, Nice Coat.  Excellent in Obedience, comes every time you call without fail. Loves Kids, and little dogs.  Best dog I have ever had.  Excellent mother to the pups. Energetic, fun, happy, affectionate, lives to please, very family orientated.  Loyal and Loving, I can't say enough about this dog.






The girls below

Previous Pup below











4 weeks (below)                                                                    











Puppies from previous litter at 4 months (SOLD) (below)                                                  



     Before Bath and after bath                                           

Puppies from previous litters at around 8 mo. to a year (SOLD)




Puppies are home raised with kids, dogs, cats, very socialized and loved.  They have had their dew claws removed, first shots, Wormed, and come with a 2 year Genetic Guarantee, and a Health Guarantee.

Prices:   $700.00  Cash Only


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