I am not breeding Goldendoodles this year.

Delilah is Sold                                     
Olive is sold
4 weeks                                           6 weeks
Joy is Sold
          3 Girls, petite, cute, sweet, 
Sebastian is Sold
Samson is Sold
     4 weeks                                              6 weeks        
  Rocky is Sold                                             
              One extra large male, reddish color, longer hair, one white, and one cream.  


MOM- Name: Sadie  (5 years old)  bred at Cedar Grove Kennels. Parents have some champion bloodlines, bred for boxy head, temperament, Nice Coat.  Excellent in Obedience, comes every time you call without fail. Loves Kids, and little dogs.  Best dog I have ever had.  Excellent mother to the pups. Energetic, fun, happy, affectionate, lives to please, very family orientated.  Loyal and Loving, I can't say enough about this dog.



The girls below


Previous Pup below



4 weeks (below)                                                                    




Puppies from previous litter at 4 months (SOLD) (below)                                                  



     Before Bath and after bath                                           

Puppies from previous litters at around 8 mo. to a year (SOLD)